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How New Rich Nomads Helps You

Digital nomad working remotely

Work From Home (Remote / Location Independent)

No more commuting or feeling chained to the desk. Break free from the 9-5.
Digital nomad traveling the world and working remotely

World Travel / Digital Nomad

Step-by-step guides and frameworks to help you make the leap, avoid mistakes, and maximize world travel experiences.

Outdoor lifestyle design

Lifestyle Design & Automation

Systems to conditioning your home and work environment, streamlining your finances, health, and so much more…


How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home

With this step-by-step book, unlock the freedom and flexibility of being able to work whenever and wherever.

How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home - Book

What is a New Rich Nomad?

In his book the 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss describes a new lifestyle available to everyone. 

He calls it the lifestyle of the “New Rich“.

One enabling a new kind of wealth… An art and a science referred to as lifestyle design.

New Rich Nomads are individuals that take full advantage of lifestyle design.

Making their work from home and travel dreams a reality, WITHOUT sacrificing their current standard of living. And most of the times, increasing their lifestyle for less money.

They go wherever they want, whenever they want, using the currencies of the “New Rich” — time and mobility.


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