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How New Rich Nomads Helps You

Work Remotely

  • Get Approval to Work From Home.
  • Find a Remote Job.
  • Actually, Work From Home Effectively.

Full-Time Travel / Digital Nomad

  • Avoid Rookie Mistakes (E.g., Treated Like a Foreigner).
  • Flight & Accommodation Secrets + Shortcuts.
  • Planning & Maximizing Experiences.

Travel Lifestyle Design & Automation

  • Travel on Your Own Terms.
  • Upgrade Your Standard of Living.
  • Streamline Health, Finances, Decision-making, etc.


Digital nomad traveling the world and working remotely


These resources and tools are straight and to the point. The only way you can screw them up is if you can’t read. Enjoy.

Sam Lepak

Yo, I'm Sam Lepak

The Bro Behind New Rich Nomads

Part-time Growth Marketer & Digital Nomad, full-time Bro!

Few things about me:

  • Health is #1 – At the gym doing squats 🍑 or meditating/mindfulness training 🧘‍♂️
  • Love Food = Broccoli 🥦  Donuts 🍩  Ice Cream🍦 Tacos/Arepas/Tostadas 🌮
  • Hobbies & Experiences = Mavic Air 2 🛸  EDM Festivals 🎶  Scuba Diving 🤿

The Motto – “Work Hard, Play Harder.”


How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home

With this step-by-step book, unlock the freedom and flexibility of being able to work whenever and wherever.

How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home - Book


Digital Nomad / Travel Coaching

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